Sex Tape (Movie review)

Sex tape movie, Sex tape, Leigh-Ann Ludwig, Leighs Lounge, Leigh's Lounge,; Cameron Diaz; Jason Segel

Before Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) had children, they had sex at every opportunity. In an effort to reignite the flame Annie arranges for the children to stay with her mom for the night.

Jay battles and Annie suggests that they make a sex tape based on a book called “The Joy of Sex”. Annie asks Jay to delete the video but he accidentally synchronises it with every Ipad that they have given away.

They manage to retrieve all the Ipads and delete the video. His neighbour’s son also made a copy and tries to blackmail Jay.

Despite the cast, this movie was a total waste of time.

The movie also stars Rob Lowe and Jack Black.

Directed by Jake Kasdan

Running time – 94 minutes

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