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“To be an effective leader, you may listen to all, but in the end be responsible for your own decisions” – Dr Myles MunroeMany leaders think that they have to do all the thinking by themselves and then come up with a wise decision or solution to every problem.  This is not necessary. Get everyone’s input and then evaluate each idea on its merits.
Offer a reward as incentive to get people to put their ‘thinking caps’ on and contribute their ideas.  Ask people to explain their ideas in more detail if something is not clear. That way a better solution may emerge.

You have a lot of smart people working for you and if you are trying to solve a problem that your staff deal with regularly, they probably have solutions already, just waiting to be asked.

Take advantage of the people that work for you, then make the decision yourself and take full responsibility if things go wrong, but give credit to those who contributed if the solution is a success.

This way you will gain the admiration, loyalty and respect of your staff.

I benefit from the ideas of others
I make good decisions
I take responsibility for my decisions

Be all you can be.

Arnfried Klein-Werner
Motivator & CEO – Be Motivated Today

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